Kinco 901T Mitt Selected as a Whitelines 'Top 100 Snowboard Product of the Year' for 2021/2022

The outlet highlighted durability, noting "These things genuinely might outlast your boots, board and jacket combined. The full-grain pigskin palm and suede pigskin back provide incredibly hard-wearing protection to the surface of the mitts. Pigskin patches are then stitched onto the palm and thumb to reinforce the high-wear areas. The patches are sewn on with extra-strength Draylon thread which we’ve yet to see work lose after multiple seasons of riding in them. Granted, all this chat of pigs doesn’t make them a very vegan-friendly option, but if your prioritising “sustainability” in your snowboard gear, the lifespan of a product is one of the most important considerations." Read the full article here


Kinco® is a dedicated, second-generation family-owned company that produces quality work, safety, garden, & thermal gloves since 1975 and stands behind every product it makes. With a focus on workmanship and durability, Kinco® offers numerous glove styles and materials designed for everything from planting marigolds in the garden, skiing in the backcountry, and protecting hands in the harsh environment of working on an oil rig. Built on the ethos of integrity, responsibility, transparency and respect, Kinco® prioritizes its strong commitment to cultivating an environment filled with purpose and intention among its collaborative community of employees, manufacturers, vendors and customers. For more information, visit


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